case study:

Irving & Fine

the brief

We created the original Irving & Fine site in 2011. It was what they wanted at the time and has since become outdated in terms of look & feel. They were initially more bohemian but now wants to be more high-end and sophisticated. A new look was required for them to reposition themselves. Knowing that M Interactive understands high-end marketing from the work they previously did at London Fog, Irving & Fine asked for a redesign.

our solution

Our approach was to simplify the site and use what we had previously created in WordPress instead of building the whole site from scratch. We would basically just give it a facelift. Knowing that photography would be key to the site, we worked hard to ensure that the brand is prominently displayed and the site is built around the clothes, not busy itself with unnecessary elements. Our persona is a wealthy & sophisticated woman with an unconventional style. Her shopping journey would include getting a feel of the company by looking at the Travel Logs, About, and Press. We ensure that the user knows that we are advocating a lifestyle brand. The lifestyle sets the brand.

the result

The site launched in November to much acclaim for its simplicity and beauty. Here is the result: SEE SITE