case study:

The Rx Club

the brief

The RX club is an award show for the best in pharmaceutical advertising. At inception, the winners of their prestigious award were presented in a gallery where it had an opening and the work stayed up for a week. Subsequently, the winners will go into a book available for purchase every year. About 15 years ago, with the predominance of the World Wide Web, they wanted to be able to display the winners online as well since it would reach a wider audience and can exist in perpetuity for reference. They had several requirements. 1) The need to follow a strict timeline for all the phases of the work. 2) The development would allow for automation in many areas where updating yearly would not require much time or effort 3) There will be a new design campaign every year to call for submissions. 4) A tight budget would allow for maximum ROI.

our solution

We created a strict timeline for deliverables, design the site to include a CMS, brain-stormed ideas for marketing, and managed the vendors’ involvements. The process starts with the “Call for Entries” where we make the announcement on the site and through an email campaign. Then the advertising agencies can login and upload their entries. The printed entries would be sent to the rx club themselves since a whole packaged campaign may be involved. The online and printed entries are then accumulated to be reviewed by judges at the next step of the process. The winners are selected and kept a secret until opening night in November. The winners will be sent a winning email but will not know if they’ve won a Gold, Silver or Award of Excellence until the show. For our part, we would have sent emails soliciting entries, accumulated entries on the server, created a portal for judges to view entries, sent the winners a generic winners’ email, displayed the winners on opening day, and sent the files to the printers to print the winning plaques. The development required was custom using Javascript, HTML 5, JQuery, etc. but easily updated by our team.

the result

We’ve been working with the rx club since the beginning at 15 years ago. The site went through 3 major revisions and each time we rebuilt the platform with more updated technology and design. The process is smooth and clockwork. Everyone looks forward to the new campaign every year and of course seeing if they’ve won an award. You can see the current site here.