case studies:


the brief

Chubb reached out to M Interactive for a user experience and interaction analysis and design for the consumer side of their business. The new Chubb site would need to be user friendly, customized for their targeted audience, and market their products more efficiently. They would also need a modern approach to the site in terms of not only the design but the outdated use of flash technology, which was not viewable on mobile devices. Finally they needed a responsive website so that it was accessible from any device.

our solution

Our initial approach was to set up discussions with the staff on the site stats and input they gathered from the current users. Based on the responses, we analyzed the demographics of the users and created a user persona. We discussed the percentages that were spent on different parts of the site, where the user needed main access to, and created paths they would take for different purposes. Finally, we made sure our storyboard aligned with the main goals of the stake holders and the users.

Some examples of our findings were that the users were in the middle to higher age/income brackets. They were mainly there to gain access to their accounts, some wanted to look at the products and services available, and some just watched the videos. Very few went to parts of the site that were too text-heavy.

In our design analysis, we made sure all items that were most frequently used were positioned on the prominent top left side. We also made sure the products and the services were distinguishable and easy to navigate. We added many call-to-action items for marketing purposes. And of course, videos were featured prominently on each page.

We started the design process by creating a wireframe in Balsalmiq for the positioning of all elements before design. This ensures that the navigational elements and positioning of all elements were tested before the client can be distracted by design elements. Two different designs in both desktop and mobile versions were then presented based on the wireframes. Chubb chose one to work with. We went through several revisions until the final design was approved. The design was tested by their users and found to be easy to use. M Interactive then provided the final documents that included a template in Photoshop with a set of website corporate guidelines to use.

the result

The site is responsive and works for desktop, tablet and mobile screens. It is clean and modern with marketing potential. The final Chubb site pretty much followed the design we created. Chubb was very happy with the results. The new look can now be applied to the rest of their business sites at